OPW: "Blood,Guts & Glory" 3/4/17 

1. Archadia def Akuma 
2. Kyle The Beast def. Ryan Galeone w/ Loudy 
3. Sean Carr def. Devon Moore 
4. Jeff Cannonball def. Jimmy lyon 
5. Billy Avery & Qefka def. Alex Payne & Primeau 
6. Andy Harner def. Drew Blood, Drake Chambers, Steve Scott 
7. OPW Title: (c) Tony Deppen vs Joey Janela 
8. NRBW: Matt Tremont def. Marc Angel 

OPW: "A Beautiful Day 2 Die" 9/24/16 Results

1. Unbreakable Andy def. Drake Chambers 
2. Alex Payne def. Pelle Primeau, Conor Claxton & Devon Moore (4 Way)
3. Gran Akuma def. Vinny Margelsia 
4. Jeff Cannonball & Matt Tremont def. Jimmy Lyon & Marc Angel 
5. Xavier Cross de.f Clayton Drasher & Jimmy Llyod (3 Way Dance)
6. Kyle the Beast def. Steve Scott
7. Tony Deppen def. Archadia 
8. OPW Championship: (c) Joey Janela retained def. Drew Blood
9. Dream Deathmatch: Masada def "Lowlife" Louie Ramos 

On Point Wrestling "Relentless" May 17,2014 - Sewell,NJ 

1. Oz Tyler def Reed "By God" Bentley 
2. Latin Dragon def Ace Perry 
3. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy def Qefka The Quiet & Caveman in a 3 Way Dance
4. Drew Blood w/ Loudy def "Never Say Die" Josh Crane
5. Sam "The Machine" Shields def Joey Janela - 1st Round OPW Tourney Match
6.  EYFBO def. The Best Around 
7. Oz Tyler Answered and Lost Chris Dickinson's Open Challenge
8. Matt Tremont def Lowlife Louie Ramos in a "Fans Bring The Weapons" Match Afterwards *Balls Mahoney attacks The Bulldozer.

On Point Wrestling "Awareness" (Charity Event) Springfield,Pa - 4/13/14

1. Mark Mest def Blood Hound 
2. Stan Stylez def Preacher
3. Nutrious X def Michael Massacre 
4. Caveman def Qefka The Quiet 
5. Joey Janela & Rhett Titus won a 8 Tag Team Turmoil
6. Joe Gibson def Shaheem Ali
8. Mike Hits def Korspe 
9. Matt Tremont & Gregory Iron def HEW w/ Loudy 

On Point Wrestling "Fight 2 Survive" 11/23/13 - Williamstown,NJ

1. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def Joey Janela 
2. Chris Dickinson def Joe Gacy
3. Rory Mondo def Nicholas Kaye 
4. Sam "The Machine" Shields def Angel Ortiz & Latin Dragon  3 Way Dance
5. Pinkie Sanchez def Crazy Ivan
6. Stan Stylez def Ryan Castellucc, Johnny Myagi & Scotty Wild in a 4 Way
7. Shane Strickland def Oz Tyler
8. The Best Around def HEW w/ Loudy 

On Point Wrestling " All or Nothing" September 28th,2013 - Deptford,NJ

1. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def JAKA 
2. Robbie Mireno def ACH, Rory Mondo & LSG in a "Fantastic 4 Way" 
3. Blk Jeez def Oz Tyler 
4. Sam "The Machine" Shields 
5. Amasis def Sonjay Dutt
6. Pinkie Sanchez,Angel Ortiz & Caveman def HEW w/ Loudy
7. Mascara Celestial def Ophidian the Cobra 
8. Ryan Castellucci def Good News Hughes 
9. Scot Summers def Chris Dickinson 

On Point Wrestling "Nothing Else Matters" May 25th ,2013 - Deptford,NJ 

1. Amasis def Oz Tyler , Latin Dragon & Mascara Celestial in a "Fantastic 4 Way"
2. KC Pin'em & Anthony Graves def Joe Gacy & Nathan Avery 
3. Robbie Mireno def "Product" David Starr
4. Anthony Cortez Haynes def Sam Shields 
5. HEW w/ Loudy def Delirious & Pinkie Sanchez 
6. Mike Draztik def Shane Strickland 
7. Steve Monsta Mack def Good News Hughes 
8. Leon St. Giovanni def Devon Moore 
9. Drew Blood w/ Loudy def Pinkie Sanchez in a "Fans Bring The Weapons"

On Point Wrestling "Now Or Never" January 5th, 2013 - Deptford,NJ

1. Latin Dragon w/ Chrissy Rivera def. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy
2. Mighty Mo & Nick Arcade def. Cluck Norris & KC Pin'em 
3. Joey Spades def Johnny Fearless 
4. LJ Cruz def ACH , Nathan Avery & Amasis in "The Fantastic 4Way"
5. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def Homicide 
6. Maserati Rick def KJ Crush
7. Rory Mondo def AssailANT 
8. Leon St. Giovanni def Good News Hughes 
9. Pinkie Sanchez def Drew Blood to retain the Interspecies "King of Crazy" Title

"Rise 2 The Occasion" March 5th Williamstown,NJ 

1. Qefka The Quiet def Josh Adams,Latin Dragon,Johnny Howell,Stan Stylez,Mike Hits & Frankie Pickard in a 7 Way Scramble 
2. "The Machine" Sam Shields def Devon Moore 
3. Gran Akuma def Kyle The Beast 
4. Jeff Cannonball / Marc Angel & Jimmy Lyon def Matt Tremont / Louie Ramos & Conor Claxton in a 6 Man Tag Fans bring The Weapons Match 
5.Alex Payne def Joe Gacy 
6. Joey Janela retained the OPW Title defeating Pinkie Sanchez 
7. Drew Blood def Xavier Cross by DQ
8. Tony Deppen def. Unbreakable Andy in a # 1 Contender Ladder Match 

"Masters of the Mat 2" 12/3/16 Williamstown,NJ 

1st Rd: Tony Deppen def Steve Scott 
1st Rd: Gran Akuma def Xavier Cross 
1st Rd: Kyle The Beast def Archadia 
1st Rd: Unbreakable Andy def Drake Chambers & Alex Payne 
Semis: Tony Deppen def Akuma
Semis: Andy Harner def Kyle The Beast
Notorious Inc vs Cannonball & Tremont 
Finals: Deppen def Andy Harner to win #MOTM2
OPW Title: Tony Deppen def Joey Janela to win the #OPW Title

On Point Wrestling: "Loyalty" June 21st Williamstown,NJ

1. The Viking War Party Def. "The Iron Bull" Argus, Ty Awesome, & Josh Adams
2. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy Def. Devon Moore 
3. Kai Katana Def. Qefka The Quiet 
4. Conor Claxton made his OPW Debut & Def. Jeff Cannonball
* The match between Tremont & Cannonball will be a pay tribute because this year is the 20 year Anniversary of the very first Taipei Deathmatch between the Bad Breed in ECW in 1995. So on 8/29 its a "TAIPEI Deathmatch" w/ IAN ROTTEN making his east coast return and he will be the special guest referee.
20 Yr Taipei Announcement: https://youtu.be/3HCDLDc3Wl0
5. 'Bulldozer' Matt Tremont Def. Drew Blood in a hard hitting affair
6. Marc Angel Def. Latin Dragon, Fly Warrior, & Mikey Mcfinnegan in a 4 Way
7. Gran Akuma Def. "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy 
8. Nick Gage & Jeff Cannonball Def. The Hooligans
9. Main Event - NO DQ Match for the OPW Heavyweight Championship (c) Oz Tyler Def. "Bad Boy" Joey Janela 

On Point Wrestling: "A Different Kind of Pain Results" April 18th Williamstown,NJ

1.Juan Francisco de Coranado defeated Ace Perry
2. Marc Angel , Caveman, Argus & Worker Ant defeated Ben Ortiz, Josh
Adams, Nutritious X & Qefka The Quiet in a 8-man tag team extravaganza
3. Kai Katana defeated Gran Akuma via pinfall
4. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont defeated Jeff Cannonball in a Bloody "Fans
Bring The Weapons" Match
5. Joe Gacy defeated "The Madjai" Amasis via submission
6. Oz Tyler & Xavier Cross defeat Drew Blood & Devon Moore in the
"Ultimate Jeopardy" tag Team Affair , and as per stipulation, Drew
Blood can now not challenge for the OPW heavyweight title for 1 year.
7."Bad Boy" Joey Janela defeated Scot Summers to become the #1
contender for the OPW heavyweight title.

On Point Wrestling "Throwdown" 3/14/14 - Sewell.NJ 

1. "Too Hot" Steve Scott def Preacher 
2. CaveMan def Stan The Man Stylez
3. LJ Cruz def Marc Angel
4. Joey Janela def Joe Gacy, Latin Dragon & Corey Havoc in a 4 Way
4. EYFBO def HEW w/ Loudy 
5. Oz Tyler def Josh Crane - 1st Rd OPW Title Tourney Match 
6. Scot Summers def Matt Tremont
7. Sam Shields def Danny Cannon, Chris Dickinson & Reed Bentley in a 4 Way

OPW: "Nowhere 2 Run" Williamstown,NJ 5/7/16 

1. Barbwire Cage Match: Drew Blood def Xavier Cross 
2. Perfect Strangers def. Cash Masters 
3. Gran Akuma def Alex Payne 
4. Steve Scott def David Starr / Azrieal & Sam Shields 
5. Unbreakable Andy def JDK 
6. EYFBO def Dub Boys 
7. Devon Moore def RAZE 
8. OPW Title: (c) Joey Janela def Tony Deppen

'Survival of the Sickest" 7/16/16 

1. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def Devon Moore & Marc Angel 
2. "Lowlife" Louie Ramos def Jeff Cannonball
3. "Wrench" Conor Claxton def Jimmy Lyon 
4. Drew Blood def Danny Havoc 
5. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy def  Drake Chambers 
6. Unbreakable Andy Harner def Tony Deppen, Steve Scott & Kyle The Beast
7. 2016 "Survival of the Sickest" Finals
 "Lowlife Louie Ramos" def Matt Tremont - Conor Claxton & Drew Blood

On Point Wrestling "Unfinished Violence" July 19th,2014 Williamstown,NJ

1. Donnie Hart def Jimmy Lyons 
2. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy def Caveman
3. EYFBO def Scumbag Nation 
4. Stan Stylez & Marc Angel def Moral Virtue 
5. Matt Tremont def Balls Mahoney
6. Joey Janela def Oz Tyler 
7. Joe Gacy def. Chris Dickinson - 1st rd OPW Title Tourney Match
8. Sam Shields Def Drew Blood w/ Loudy - Went to a 20 Min Time Limit Draw, Match was then restarted by Loudy and Sam rolled up Blood for the win.

On Point Wrestling " Destroy Everything" 1 Yr Anniversary - 1/4/14 - Sewell,NJ

1. Sam Shields won a 6 man Scramble 
2. Robbie Mireno def Johnny Myagi 
3. Joey Janela def Jaka
4. Chris Dickinson def Biff Busick 
5. HEW w/ loudy def LJ Cruz & Ryan Castellucci 
6. Amasis def Oz Tyler
7. The best Around def The Beaver Boys
8. JOKER def Mike Draztik
9. Drew Blood def Pinkie Sanchez - 1st rd OPW Title Tourney Match
10. Matt Tremont def Eddie Kingston 

January 2nd,2016 - OPW 3yr Anniversary - Williamstown,NJ

1.Matt Tremont def Marc Angel in a Street Fight 
2.Gran Akuma def Brian Johnson 
3.Drew Blood & Devon Moore def Kai Katana & Xavier Cross 
4.Jeff Cannonball w/ Jimmy Lyons def Conor Claxton
5.Perfect Strangers / Sonny Kiss & El Gordo Libre def. Josh Adams / Mike Hits / Steve Scot & Blackwater 
6. Sam Shields def Sozio / Joe Gacy & Alex Payne in a Fantastic 4 Way 
7.Unbreakable Andy def Tony Deppen 
8. Joey Janela retained the OPW Title vs Oz Tyler in a No Rope Barb Wire Match

"4 Year Anniversary" 1/22/17  Williamstown,NJ 

1. Steve Scott def. Qefka The Quiet 
2. Devon Moore def. Sean Carr, Archadia & Akuma 
3. Jeff Cannonball def. G - Raver 
4. Matt Tremont def. Drew Blood 
5. Kyle The Beast def. Xavier Cross 
6. Drake Chambers/Andy Harner def. Pelle Primeau/Alex Payne 
7. OPW Title: (c) Tony Deppen def. Lio Rush 

On Point Wrestling "No Remorse" December 6th,2014 - Williamstown,NJ

1. Smooth Aggression def Dynamos!
2. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy def Latin Dragon 
3. Team Certified Sexy def Ben Ortiz, Marc Angel & Shaheem Ali 
4. Sam "The Machine" Shields def Joe Gacy -Semi Finals Tourney Match
5. Gran Akuma def "Bad Apple" Matt Macintosh 
6. Caveman def Anthony Gangone, Marq Quen & Smiley in a "Fantastic 4 Way"
7. Oz Tyler def Drew Blood - in a Semi Finals Title Tourney Match 
8. Joey Janela def The Necro Butcher in a NO DQ Match 

10.24.15 "Masters of the Mat" Williamstown,NJ

1st Round Matches:
1. "The Machine" Sam Shields def. Brute Van Slyke 
2. Gran Akuma def "Too Hot" Steve Scot 
3. Drew Blood def Azrieal 
4. Tony Deppen def Unbreakable ANDY 
5.  3 Way UN-Lucky 13 Staple Gun 
Conor Claxton def Jimmy Lyon & Jeff Cannonball 
6. Semi-Final Matches:
"The Machine" Sam Shields def Drew Blood 
7. Semi - Final Match
Gran Akuma def Tony Deppen 
8. OPW Championship Match: 
(c) Joey Janela def The Debuting SOZIO to retain the Championship.
9. "Masters of the Mat" FINALS
Gran Akuma def "The Machine" Sam Shields 

"Thank You Louie" 10/30/16 Williamstown,NJ 

Conor Claxton def Stockade 
Qefka The Quiet def Billy Avery 
Papadon def Steve Scott 
Louie Ramos win the Battle Royal 
DJ Hyde/Magic/Jimmy Lloyd def. Kyle The Beast/ Brandon Kirk/ Jimmy Lyon
Joe Gacy def Monsta Mack 
New Jack def Matt Tremont & Jeff Cannonball
B-Boy def Tony Deppen 

On Point Wrestling: " 2 Year Anniversary" February 7th Williamstown,NJ


1. Ben "The Beast Ortiz def. Andrew Wolf
2. Ben "The Beast" Ortiz def. Monsta Mac
3. Kai Katana def. Latin Dragon
4. "Bad Apple" Matt Macintosh def. Gran Akuma via Submission
5. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont def. Kyle the Beast - in the BOXES & PITS Deathmatch
6. Xavier Cross w/ Loudy def Drew Blood
7. "Bad Boy" Joey Janela def. "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy
8. Marc Angel def. Mike Hits
9. Oz Tyler w/ The Firm def. Sam "The Machine" Shields - to become the
1st ever OPW Heavyweight Champion

OPW: "Survival of the Sickest 2" 5/6/17 

1. Andy Harner & 2 Cold Scorpio def. Notorious Inc  
2. 1st Rd: Matt Tremont def. Colt 45 
3. 1st Rd: Cannonball def. TANK & Brad Cash 
4. 1st Rd: G-Raver def. Marc Angel 
5. 1st Rd: JD Horror def. Danny Havoc 
6. 2nd Rd: Jeff Cannonball def. Matt Tremont 
7. 2nd Rd: JD Horror def. G-Raver 
8. OPW Title: (c) Tony Deppen def. Sean Carr 
9. Finals: Jeff Cannonball def. JD Horror 

Throwdown 2 Results 8.29.15 Williamstown,NJ

* Xavier Cross laid out an Open Challenge to anyone in the back only to be answered by The Debuting George Gatton. After only a few mins into the match Xavier sustained an injury and would have to be taken out of the on a makeshift stretcher.

1. Conor Claxton Def. The Debuting Alex Payne
2. Latin Dragon Def.  Worker Ant ( Worker Ant subbed for a Fly Warrior who could not appear)
3. Gran Akuma Def. "The Machine" Sam Shields in a 15 min Wrestling Clinic 
4. Nick Gage & Scot Summers went to a 30 Min Time Limit Draw , followed by another 5 min overtime limit draw.

* During Intermission* Matt Tremont announced that on 10.24.15 OPW will present a 1 Night - 8 Man Tournament in-titled "Masters of The Mat" More info TBA

5. Josh Adams won the "Fantastic 4 Way" defeating Marc Angel, Caveman & Qefka The Quiet
6. Drew Blood Def. "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy
7. Matt Tremont Def. Jeff Cannonball in the Taipei Deathmatch - LowLife Louie Ramos was the surprise special guest referee.
8. Main Event - 3 Way Dance for the OPW Championship
Joey Janela def. Devon Moore & (c) Oz Tyler to win the Title